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Addictive disorders and their treatment

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OvidSP : v.23:no.13(2009)-(2012).

Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research

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Alzheimer disease and associated disorders

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American journal of maternal child nursing

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American journal of physical medicine and rehabilitation

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The American Journal of the Medical Sciences

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Annals of surgery

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Behavior analysis: research and practice

OvidSP : v.14:no.1(2014)-.

Behavioural pharmacology

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The bone and joint journal

The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery : 1948-.

OvidSP : v.1:no.1(1948)-.


OvidSP : v.1:no.1(1950)-.

Clinical journal of pain

OvidSP : v.12:no.1(1996)-v.19:no.6(2003).

Clinical neuropharmacology

OvidSP : v.23:no.1(2000)-v.26:no.6(2003).

Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research

OvidSP : v.1:no.1(2008)-.

Clinical pharmacokinetics

OvidSP : v.51:no.2(2012)-v.54:no.12(2015).

Cognitive and behavioral neurology

OvidSP : v.16:no.1(2003)-v.16:no.4(2003).

Current opinion in endocrinology and diabetes (continued as Current opinion in endocrinology, diabetes and obesity)

OvidSP : v.6:no.1(1999)-.

Current opinion in endocrinology, diabetes and obesity (continued as Current opinion in endocrinology and diabetes)

OvidSP : v.14:no.1(2007)-v.14:no.3(2007).

Current opinion in psychiatry

OvidSP : v.8:no.1(1995)-v.16:no.6(2003).

Current opinion in urology

OvidSP : v.8:no.1(1998)-.

European journal of emergency medicine

OvidSP : v.8:no.1(2001)-.

Health physics

OvidSP : v.90:no.2(2006)-v.114:no.1(2018).

International clinical psychopharmacology

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JBJS case connector

HighWire Press : v.1:no.1(2011)-, v.1:no.1(2011)-.

OvidSP : v.1:no.1(2011)-.

JBJS essential surgical techniques

HighWire Press : v.1:no.1(2011)-, v.1:no.1(2011)-.

OvidSP : v.1:no.1(2011)-.

Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes and human retrovirology

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Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes and human retrovirology

OvidSP : v.11:no.1(1996)-v.20:no.5(1999).

Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes

OvidSP : v.21:no.1(1999)-.

Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research

EBSCOhost : 1998-. embargo: 360 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

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The journal of bone and joint surgery

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Journal of burn care and rehabilitation

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Journal of burn care and research

Oxford University Press (OUP) : v.27:no.1(2006)-.

OvidSP : v.27(2006)-.

Journal of clinical psychopharmacology

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Journal of computer assisted tomography

OvidSP : v.24:no.1(2000)-.

Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics

OvidSP : v.22:no.1(2001)-v.24:no.6(2003).

Journal of ECT

OvidSP : v.16:no.1(2000)-v.19:no.4(2003).

Journal of nervous and mental disease

OvidSP : v.184:no.1(1996)-v.191:no.12(2003).

Journal of orthopaedic trauma

OvidSP : v.10:no.1(1996)-.

Journal of pediatric orthopaedics B

OvidSP : v.9:no.1(2000)-.

Journal of pediatric orthopaedics

OvidSP : v.16:no.1(1996)-.

Journal of physical therapy education

OvidSP : v.18:no.1(2004)-.

Journal of psychiatric practice

OvidSP : v.7:no.1(2001)-v.9:no.6(2003).

Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

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Journal of thoracic imaging

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Journal of trauma and acute care surgery

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Journal of trauma: injury infection and critical care

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The Journal of Urology

OvidSP : v.175:no.1(2006)-.

Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology

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Medical Care

JSTOR (package) : v.1:no.1(1963)-v.51:no.12(2013).
embargo: 2190 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

OvidSP : v.34:no.1(1996)-v.41:no.12(2003).

Medicine and science in sports and exercise (formerly Medicine and science in sports)

OvidSP : v.32:no.1(2000)-.


OvidSP : v.1:no.1(2005)-.

Motivation science

OvidSP : v.1(2014)-.

Neurology clinical practice

HighWire Press : v.1:no.1(2011)-.

OvidSP : v.1:no.1(2011)-.

Neurology: Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation

Open Access Journal site (DOAJ) : 2014-.

OvidSP : v.1:no.1(2014)-.


HighWire Press : v.45:no.1(1995)-.

OvidSP : v.46:no.1(1996)-. Embargo: 180 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.


OvidSP : v.11:no.1(2000)-v.14:no.18(2003).


OvidSP : v.1:no.1(1977)-.

Nursing research

OvidSP : v.45:no.1(1996)-v.52:no.6(2003).

Obstetrics & Gynecology

OvidSP : v.85:no.1(1995)-.

Operative Neurosurgery

OvidSP : v.56:no.1(2005)-.


OvidSP : v.84:no.1(2000)-.

Pathology case reviews

OvidSP : v.9:no.1(2004)-.

Pediatric emergency care

OvidSP : v.16:no.1(2000)-.


Ingenta : 1998-.

OvidSP : 2012-2015.

Psychiatric genetics

OvidSP : v.11:no.1(2001)-v.13:no.4(2003).

Psychology & Neuroscience

OvidSP : v.1:no.1(2008)-.

Psychosomatic medicine

OvidSP : v.57:no.1(1995)-. Embargo: 730 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Regional anesthesia and pain medicine (formerly Regional anesthesia)

OvidSP : v.23:no.1(1998)-.

Regional anesthesia (continued as Regional anesthesia and pain medicine)

OvidSP : v.1:no.1(1976)-v.22:no.6(1997).

Spine: affiliated society meeting abstracts

OvidSP : 2011-.


OvidSP : v.26:no.1(1996)-.

Sports medicine and arthroscopy review

OvidSP : v.9:no.1(2001)-.

Sports Medicine

OvidSP : v.25:no.1(1998)-(2015).

Swiss journal of psychology

OvidSP : v.58:no.1(1999)-.

Topics in Language Disorders

OvidSP : v.22:no.1(2001)-v.23:no.4(2003).

Transactions of the ? meeting of the American Surgical Association

OvidSP : v.121(2003)-v.128(2010).

Translational issues in psychological science

OvidSP : v.1(2014)-.