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Acta Sociologica (Taylor & Francis Ltd)

EBSCOhost : 1975-2002.

JSTOR : v.1:no.1(1955)-v.57:no.4(2014). embargo: 1460 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : 1999-.

Administrative Science Quarterly

EBSCOhost : 1956-2011.

Sage : v.44:no.1(1999)-.

Adoption and fostering

Sage : v.23:no.1(1999)-.

Adult Education Quarterly

EBSCOhost : 1998-.

Sage : v.1:no.1(1950)-.

American Behavioral Scientist

Sage : 1999-.

American educational research journal

Sage : v.36(1999)-.

American journal of sports medicine

Sage : v.26:no.1(1998)-.

American Sociological Review

JSTOR : v.1:no.1(1936)-v.80:no.6(2015). embargo: 1095 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : 2004-.

Armed forces and society

Sage : 1999-.


Sage : 1999-.

British journal of politics and international relations

Sage : v.1:no.1(1999)-.

British Journal of Visual Impairment

Sage : v.17:no.1(1999)-v.36:no.1(2018).

Business and society

Sage : v.38:no.1(1999)-.

Cancer control

Sage : v.2:no.5(1995)-.

Child maltreatment

Sage : v.4:no.1(1999)-.

Communication Research

Sage : 1999-.

Contemporary Sociology

JSTOR : v.1:no.1(1972)-v.44:no.6(2015). embargo: 1095 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : v.33:no.1(2004)-.

Crime and Delinquency

Sage : v.1:no.1(1955)-.

Crime, media, culture

Sage : 2005-.

Criminology and criminal justice

Sage : v.1:no.1(2001)-.

Critical social policy

Sage : 1999-v.38:no.1(2018).

Cross-Cultural Research

Sage : 1999-.

Cultural sociology

Sage : v.1:no.2(2007)-.

Current directions in psychological science

Sage : v.6:no.1(1997)-v.17:no.6(2008).

Current sociology

Sage : v.1:no.1(1952)-.

Discourse and communication

Sage : 2007-.

Discourse and society

Sage : v.1:no.1(1990)-.

Educational and Psychological Measurement

Sage : v.1(1941)-.

Environment and planning D: society and space

Sage : v.17:no.1(1999)-.

European educational research journal

Sage : v.1:no.1(2002)-.

European Journal of Communication

Sage : v.1:no.1(1986)-.

European journal of criminology

Sage : v.1(2004)-.

European Journal of Cultural Studies

Sage : 1998-.

European Journal of Industrial Relations

Sage : v.1:no.1(1995)-.

European Journal of International Relations

Sage : 1999-.

European journal of probation

Sage : v.1:no.1(2009)-.

European Journal of Social Security

Sage : v.1:no.1(1999)-.

European labour law journal

Sage : v.1:no.1(2010)-.

The European labour law journal

Sage : v.1:no.1(2010)-.

European Union Politics

Sage : 2000-.

European View

Sage : v.1:no.1(2007)-.

Experimental biology and medicine

Sage : 1999-.

Foot and ankle international

Sage : v.20:no.1(1999)-.

Gender and Society

JSTOR : v.1:no.1(1987)-v.28:no.6(2014). embargo: 1460 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : v.1:no.1(1987)-.

Global social policy

Sage : v.1:no.1(2001)-v.7:no.3(2007).

Group and Organization Management

Sage : v.1:no.1(1976)-.


Sage : v.1:no.1(1997)-v.12:no.4(2008).

Hong Kong Journal of Occupational Therapy

Open Access Journal site : 2001-.

Sage : v.19:no.1(2009)-.

Human Relations (Historical Archive)

Sage : v.1:no.1(1947)-.

Imagination, Cognition and Personality

Sage : v.18:no.3(1999)-.

Information Development

Sage : 1999-.

The international communication gazette

Sage : v.1:no.1(1955)-.

International Journal of Bilingualism

Sage : 1999-.

International Journal of Cultural Studies

Sage : 1999-.

International journal of space studies

Sage : v.14:no.1(1999)-.

International Political Science Abstracts

Sage : v.57:no.1(2007)-.

International Review for the Sociology of Sport

Sage : v.1:no.1(1966)-.

International Sociology

Sage : v.1:no.1(1986)-.

Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance

EBSCOhost : 1986-.

Sage : v.14:no.1(1999)-.

Journal of Adolescent Research

Sage : v.1:no.1(1986)-.

Journal of Career Assessment

Sage : v.1:no.1(1993)-.

Journal of Career Development (Springer Science & Business Media B.V.)

EBSCOhost : 1984-2005.

Sage : 1999-.

The journal of commonwealth literature

Sage : v.34:no.1(1999)-.

The Journal of Conflict Resolution

JSTOR : v.1:no.4(1957)-v.58:no.8(2014). embargo: 1460 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : v.1:no.1(1957)-.

Journal of Consumer Culture

Sage : v.1:no.1(2001)-.

Journal of Contemporary History

JSTOR : v.1:no.1(1966)-v.49:no.4(2014). embargo: 1460 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : v.1:no.1(1966)-.

Journal of educational computing research

Sage : v.20:no.1(1999)-.

Journal of English linguistics

Sage : 1999-.

Journal of Environment and Development

Sage : v.1:no.1(1992)-.

Journal of European Social Policy

Sage : 1999-.

Journal of Family History

Sage : v.1:no.1(1976)-.

Journal of feline medicine and surgery (formerly Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation)

Sage : v.4:no.1(1999)-.

Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology

Sage : 1999-.

The Journal of Hand Surgery: European Volume

Sage : v.24:no.1(1999)-.

Journal of Health and Social Behavior

JSTOR : v.8:no.1(1967)-v.56:no.4(2015). embargo: 1095 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : 2004-.

Journal of Information Science

Sage : 1999-.

Journal of Learning Disabilities

Sage : v.32:no.1(1999)-.

Journal of Librarianship and Information Science

Sage : 1999-.

Journal of literacy research

Sage : v.1:no.1(1969)-.

Journal of near infrared spectroscopy

Sage : v.7:no.1(1999)-.

Journal of Palliative Care

Sage : v.32:no.1(2017)-.

Journal of planning education and research

Sage : v.18:no.3(1999)-.

Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency

Sage : 1999-.

Journal of Sport and Social Issues

Sage : v.1:no.1(1977)-v.28:no.4(2004).

Journal of Sports Economics

Sage : v.1:no.1(2000)-.

Journal of Urban History

Sage : 1974-.

Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

Sage : v.76:no.1(1999)-.


Sage : v.1:no.1(2000)-.

Laboratory animals

Sage : v.1:no.1(1967)-.

Language & Speech

EBSCOhost : 1958-2016.

Sage : v.42:no.1(1999)-.

Language Teaching Research

EBSCOhost : 1998-2016.

Sage : 1997-.

Maastricht journal of European and comparative law

Sage : v.1:no.1(1994)-.

Management Communication Quarterly

Sage : v.1:no.1(1987)-.

Management Learning

Sage : v.1:no.1(1970)-.

Media Culture and Society

Sage : v.1:no.1(1979)-.

Millennium: journal of international studies

Sage : v.28:no.1(1999)-.

Mobile media and communication

Sage : v.1:no.1(2013)-.

National Institute Economic Review

Sage : v.1:no.1(1959)-.

New media and society

HighWire Press : v.1:no.1(1999)-.

Sage : v.1:no.1(1999)-.

Organizational Research Methods

Sage : v.2:no.1(1999)-.

Party politics

Sage : v.5:no.1(1999)-.

Personality & Social Psychology Review (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates)

EBSCOhost : 1997-2006.

Sage : v.3:no.1(1999)-.

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Sage : 1999-.

Perspectives on psychological science

Sage : v.1:no.1(2006)-v.3:no.6(2008).

Philosophy and Social Criticism

Sage : v.1:no.1(1973)-.

Police journal: theory, practice and principles

Sage : v.72:no.1(1999)-.

Police quarterly

Sage : 1999-.

Political insight

Sage : v.1:no.1(2010)-.

Political studies review

Sage : v.1:no.1(2003)-.

Political studies

Sage : v.47:no.1(1999)-.

Political Theory

JSTOR : v.1:no.1(1973)-v.42:no.6(2014). embargo: 1460 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : v.1:no.1(1973)-.

Politics and Society

Sage : v.1:no.1(1970)-.


Sage : v.19:no.1(1999)-.

The Prison Journal

Sage : v.79:no.1(1999)-.

Probation journal

Sage : v.46:no.1(1999)-.

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers -- Part D -- Journal of Automobile Engineering (Professional Engineering Publishing)

Sage : v.211:no.1(1997)-.

Progress in Human Geography

Sage : v.21:no.1(1997)-.

Progress in Physical Geography

Sage : v.21(1997)-.

Psychological Reports

EBSCOhost : 2011-.

Sage : v.1:no.1(1955)-.

Psychological Science (0956-7976)

EBSCOhost : 1990-2009.

Sage : v.11:no.1(2000)-v.19:no.12(2008).

Psychological Science in the Public Interest

EBSCOhost : 2003-2008.

Sage : v.1:no.1(2000)-.

Punishment and Society

Sage : 1999-.

Qualitative research

Sage : 2001-.

The quarterly journal of experimental psychology

Sage : v.1:no.1(1948)-.

Race and Class

Sage : 1999-.

Research on aging

Sage : 1979-.

Review of educational research

Sage : v.69:no.1(1999)-.

Review of Radical Political Economics

Sage : v.31(1999)-.

Review of research in education

Sage : v.23:no.1(1999)-.

Science Communication

Sage : v.1:no.1(1979)-.

Second Language Research

EBSCOhost : 1997-2016.

Sage : 1997-.

Simulation and Gaming

Sage : v.1:no.1(1970)-.

Social and legal studies

Sage : v.8:no.1(1999)-.

Social Psychology Quarterly

JSTOR : v.42:no.1(1979)-v.78:no.4(2015). embargo: 1095 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : v.67:no.1(2004)-.

Sociological Perspectives

JSTOR : v.26:no.1(1983)-v.57:no.4(2014). embargo: 1460 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : v.42:no.1(1999)-.

The Sociological Review Monographs

Sage : v.1:no.1(2016)-.

The Sociological Review

Sage : v.47:no.1(1999)-.

Sociology - Cambridge

Sage : v.1:no.1(1967)-v.49:no.6(2015).

Sociology of Education

JSTOR : v.37:no.1(1963)-v.88:no.4(2015). embargo: 1095 day delay of availability of full text articles imposed by publisher.

Sage : v.77:no.1(2004)-.

Sports Health: A multidisciplinary approach

Sage : v.1:no.1(2009)-.

Surgical innovation

Sage : v.6:no.1(1999)-.

Television and new media

Sage : v.1:no.1(2000)-.

Theoretical criminology

Sage : v.1:no.1(1997)-.

Theory Culture and Society

Sage : v.1:no.1(1982)-(2014).

Time and society

Sage : v.1:no.1(1992)-.

Tumor Biology

Open Access Journal site : 2017-.

Sage : v.39:no.1(2017)-.

Urban Studies (Routledge)

EBSCOhost : 1993-2007.

Sage : v.1:no.1(1964)-.

Work and Occupations

Sage : v.1:no.1(1974)-.

Work employment and society

Sage : v.1:no.1(1987)-.

Young - Nordic Journal of Youth Research

Sage : v.7:no.1(1999)-.

Youth and society

Sage : v.1:no.1(1969)-.

Youth justice

Sage : 2001-.

Youth violence and juvenile justice

Sage : 2003-.