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Accounting, auditing and accountability journal

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1988)-.

American journal of police (merged into Policing: an international journal of police strategies and management)

Emerald : v.14:no.1(1995)-v.15:no.4(1996).

Antidote (merged into Strategy and leadership)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1996)-v.5:no.7(2000).

Asia Pacific journal of marketing and logistics

Emerald : v.10:no.1(1998)-.

Asian libraries (merged into New library world)

Emerald : v.6:no.1(1997)-v.8:no.12(1999).

Aslib journal of information management (formerly Aslib proceedings)

Emerald : v.66:no.1(2014)-.

Aslib proceedings (continued as Aslib journal of information management)

Emerald : v.51:no.1(1999)-v.65:no.6(2013).

Balance sheet (merged into The journal of risk finance)

Emerald : v.8:no.1(2000)-v.12:no.5(2004).

Benchmarking: an international journal (formerly Benchmarking for quality management and technology)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1994)-.

Benchmarking for quality management and technology (continued as Benchmarking: an international journal)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1994)-v.5:no.4(1998).

The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances

Emerald : v.9:no.1(1996)-.

British Food Journal

Emerald : v.96:no.1(1994)-.

British journal of clinical governance (continued as Clinical governance: an international journal)

Emerald : v.4:no.1(1999)-v.7:no.4(2002).

Business process management journal (formerly Business process re-engineering and management journal )

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1995)-.

Business process re-engineering and management journal (continued as Business process management journal)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1995)-v.2:no.3(1996).

Business strategy series (formerly Handbook of business strategy, continued as Journal of behavioral strategy)

Emerald : v.8:no.1(2007)-v.14:no.6(2013).

Campus wide information systems

Emerald : v.12:no.1(1995)-.

Career development international (formerly International journal of career management)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1996)-.

Clinical governance: an international journal (formerly British journal of clinical governance)

Emerald : v.8:no.1(2003)-.

Clinical performance and quality healthcare (merged into British journal of clinical governance)

Emerald : v.7:no.3(1999)-v.8:no.4(2000).

Collection Building

Emerald : v.15:no.1(1996)-.

Corporate communications

Emerald : v.4:no.1(1999)-.

Corporate governance: the international journal of business in society

Emerald : v.1:no.1(2001)-.

Critical perspectives on international business

Emerald : v.1:no.1(2005)-.

Cross Cultural & Strategic Management

Emerald : v.1(2016)-.

Cross cultural management

Emerald : v.5:no.1(1998)-.

Development and learning in organizations: an international journal (formerly Training strategies for tomorrow)

Emerald : v.17:no.1(2003)-.

Digital Library Perspectives

Emerald : v.1(2016)-.

Digital policy, regulation and governance: the journal of policy, regulation and strategy for telecommunications, information and media

Emerald : v.19:no.1(2017)-.

Disaster prevention and management

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1992)-.

Education + Training

Emerald : v.36:no.1(1994)-.

Electronic Library

Emerald : v.17:no.1(1999)-.

Electronic resources review (merged into Reference reviews)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1997)-v.4:no.12(2000).

Employee counselling today (continued as Journal of workplace learning)

Emerald : v.6:no.1(1994)-v.8:no.7(1996).

Employee Relations

Emerald : v.16:no.1(1994)-.

Empowerment in organizations (continued as Participation and empowerment: an international journal)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1993)-v.6:no.8(1998).

Engineering Construction & Architectural Management (Wiley-Blackwell)

EBSCOhost : 1998-2002.

Emerald : v.10:no.1(2003)-.

Environmental management and health (continued as Management of environmental quality: an international journal)

Emerald : v.5:no.1(1994)-v.13:no.5(2002).

Equal opportunities international (continued as Equality, diversity and inclusion: an international journal)

Emerald : v.17:no.1(1998)-v.28:no.8(2009).

Equality, diversity and inclusion: an international journal (formerly Equal opportunities international)

Emerald : v.29:no.1(2010)-.

European business review

Emerald : v.94:no.1(1994)-.

European journal of innovation management

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1998)-.

European Journal of Marketing

Emerald : v.23:no.1(1989)-.

European Journal of Training and Development (formerly Journal of European Industrial Training)

Emerald : v.36:no.1(2012)-.

Executive development (merged into Career development international)

Emerald : v.2:no.1(1989)-v.8:no.7(1995).


Emerald : v.12:no.1(1994)-.


Emerald : v.1:no.1(1999)-.

Gender in management (formerly Women in management review)

Emerald : 2008-.

Handbook of business strategy (continued as Business strategy series)

Emerald : v.5:no.1(2004)-v.7:no.1(2006).

Health education

Emerald : v.94:no.1(1993)-.

Health manpower management (merged into Journal of management in medicine)

Emerald : v.18:no.1(1992)-v.24:no.6(1998).

Human Resource Management International Digest

Emerald : v.10:no.1(2002)-.

Industrial and Commercial Training

Emerald : v.26:no.1(1994)-.

Industrial Management and Data Systems

Emerald : v.94:no.1(1994)-.

Info: the journal of policy, regulation and strategy for telecommunications

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1999)-.

Information & Computer Security

Emerald : v.1(2016)-.

Information management and computer security

Emerald : v.2:no.1(1994)-.

Information technology and people

Emerald : v.7:no.1(1994)-.

Integrated manufacturing systems (continued as Journal of manufacturing technology management)

Emerald : v.5:no.1(1994)-v.14:no.6(2003).

Interlending and Document Supply

Emerald : v.22:no.1(1994)-.

International journal of agile management systems (merged into Integrated manufacturing systems)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1999)-v.2:no.3(2000).

International Journal of Bank Marketing

Emerald : v.12:no.1(1994)-.

International journal of career management (continued as Career development international)

Emerald : v.2:no.1(1990)-v.7:no.6(1995).

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Emerald : v.6:no.1(1994)-.

International journal of educational management

Emerald : v.8:no.1(1994)-.

International journal of entrepreneurial behaviour and research

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1995)-.

International journal of health care quality assurance

Emerald : v.7:no.1(1994)-.

International journal of law and management (formerly Managerial law)

Emerald : v.50:no.1(2008)-.

International journal of managerial finance

Emerald : v.1:no.1(2005)-.

International Journal of Manpower

Emerald : v.15:no.1(1994)-.

International Journal of Operations and Production Management

Emerald : v.14:no.1(1994)-.

International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management

Emerald : v.24:no.1(1994)-.

International journal of productivity and performance management (formerly Work study)

Emerald : v.53:no.1(2004)-.

International Journal of Public Sector Management

Emerald : v.7:no.1(1994)-.

International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management

Emerald : v.11:no.1(1994)-.

International journal of quality science (merged into International journal of quality and reliability management)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1996)-v.3:no.4(1998).

International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management

Emerald : v.22:no.1(1994)-.

International journal of service industry management (continued as Journal of service management)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1990)-v.19:no.5(2008).

International Journal of Social Economics

Emerald : v.21:no.1(1994)-.

International journal of sociology and social policy

Emerald : v.18:no.1(1998)-.

International journal of sustainability in higher education

Emerald : v.1:no.1(2000)-.

International journal of wine business research (formerly International journal of wine marketing)

Emerald : v.19:no.1(2007)-.

International journal of wine marketing (continued as International journal of wine business research)

Emerald : v.18:no.1(2006)-v.18:no.3(2006).

International Marketing Review

Emerald : v.11:no.1(1994)-.

Internet Research

Emerald : v.4:no.1(1994)-.

Journal of behavioral strategy (formerly Business strategy series)

Emerald : 2014-.

Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing

Emerald : v.9:no.1(1994)-.

Journal of business strategy

Emerald : v.24:no.1(2003)-.

Journal of Consumer Marketing

Emerald : v.11:no.1(1994)-.

Journal of Documentation

Emerald : v.53:no.1(1997)-.

Journal of Economic Studies

Emerald : v.21:no.1(1994)-.

Journal of educational administration

Emerald : v.32:no.1(1994)-.

Journal of enterprise information management (formerly Logistics information management)

Emerald : v.17:no.1(2004)-.

Journal of European Industrial Training (continued as European Journal of Training and Development)

Emerald : v.18:no.1(1994)-v.35:no.9(2011).

Journal of fashion marketing and management: an international journal

Emerald : v.5:no.1(2001)-.

Journal of health organization and management (formerly Journal of management in medicine)

Emerald : v.17:no.1(2003)-.

Journal of humanitarian logistics and supply chain management

Emerald : v.1:no.1(2011)-.

Journal of intellectual capital

Emerald : v.1:no.1(2000)-.

Journal of knowledge management

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1997)-.

Journal of Management Development

Emerald : v.13:no.1(1994)-.

Journal of management history (achive)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1995)-v.6:no.1(2000).

Journal of management history

Emerald : v.12:no.1(2006)-.

Journal of management in medicine (continued as Journal of health organization and management)

Emerald : v.6:no.1(1992)-v.16:no.6(2002).

Journal of Managerial Psychology

Emerald : v.9:no.1(1994)-.

Journal of manufacturing technology management (formerly Integrated manufacturing systems)

Emerald : v.15:no.1(2004)-.

Journal of marketing practice: applied marketing science (merged into Marketing intelligence and planning)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1995)-v.5:no.8(1999).

Journal of Organizational Change Management

Emerald : v.7:no.1(1994)-.

Journal of Product and Brand Management

Emerald : v.3:no.1(1994)-.

Journal of property finance (merged into Journal of property valuation and investment)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1990)-v.8:no.4(1997).

Journal of property investment and finance (formerly Journal of property valuation and investment)

Emerald : v.17:no.1(1999)-.

Journal of property valuation and investment (formerly Journal of valuation, continued as Journal of property investment and finance)

Emerald : v.9:no.1(1991)-v.16:no.5(1998).

Journal of quality in maintenance engineering

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1995)-.

Journal of Risk Finance (Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC)

EBSCOhost : 2002-2004.

Emerald : v.1:no.2(2000)-.

Journal of service management (formerly International journal of service industry management)

Emerald : v.20:no.1(2009)-.

Journal of Service Theory and Practice

Emerald : v.1(2015)-.

Journal of Services Marketing

Emerald : v.8:no.1(1994)-.

Journal of small business and enterprise development

Emerald : v.5:no.1(1998)-.

Journal of technology management in China

Emerald : v.1:no.1(2006)-.

Journal of valuation (continued as Journal of property valuation and investment)

Emerald : v.8:no.1(1990)-v.8:no.4(1990).

Journal of workplace learning (formerly Employee counselling today)

Emerald : v.6:no.1(1994)-.

Leadership and organization development journal

Emerald : v.15:no.1(1994)-.

Leadership in health services

Emerald : v.10:no.1(1997)-.

Learning organization

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1994)-.

Librarian career development (merged into Library management)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1993)-v.7:no.12(1999).

Library hi tech news

Emerald : v.16:no.11(1999)-.

Library Hi Tech

Emerald : v.15:no.1(1997)-.

Library management

Emerald : v.15:no.1(1994)-.

Library Review

Emerald : v.43:no.1(1994)-.

Logistics information management (continued as Journal of enterprise information management)

Emerald : v.7:no.1(1994)-v.16:no.6(2003).

Management decision

Emerald : v.32:no.1(1994)-.

Management of environmental quality (formerly Environmental management and health)

Emerald : v.14:no.1(2003)-.

Management research news (continued as Management research review)

Emerald : v.21:no.1(1998)-v.32:no.12(2009).

Management research review (formerly Management research news)

Emerald : v.33:no.1(2010)-.

Managerial Auditing Journal

Emerald : v.9:no.1(1994)-.

Managerial Finance

Emerald : v.24:no.1(1998)-.

Managerial law (continued as International journal of law and management)

Emerald : v.40:no.1(1998)-.

Managing service quality

Emerald : v.4:no.1(1994)-.

Marketing intelligence and planning

Emerald : v.12:no.1(1994)-.

Measuring business excellence

Emerald : v.4:no.3(2000)-.

New library world

Emerald : v.95:no.1(1994)-.

Nutrition and food science

Emerald : v.94:no.1(1994)-.

OCLC systems and services

Emerald : v.10:no.1(1994)-.

Online and CD-Rom review (continued as Online information review)

Emerald : v.23:no.1(1999)-v.23:no.6(1999).

Online information review (formerly Online and CD-Rom review)

Emerald : v.24:no.1(2000)-.

Participation and empowerment: an international journal (formerly Empowerment in organizations, merged into Leadership and organization development journal)

Emerald : v.7:no.1(1997)-v.7:no.8(1997).

Performance measurement and metrics

Emerald : v.1:no.1(2000)-.

Personnel review

Emerald : v.23:no.1(1994)-.

Planning review (continued as Strategy and leadership)

Emerald : v.24:no.1(1996)-v.24:no.4(1996).

Police studies: international review of police development (continued as Policing: an international journal of police strategies and management)

Emerald : v.18:no.1(1995)-v.19:no.4(1996).

Policing: an international journal of police strategies and management (formerly Police studies: international review of police development)

Emerald : v.20:no.1(1997)-.

Pricing strategy and practice (merged into Journal of product and brand management)

Emerald : v.5:no.1(1997)-v.5:no.4(1997).

Program - Electronic Library and Information Systems

Emerald : v.31:no.1(1997)-.

Property Management

Emerald : v.12:no.1(1994)-.

Qualitative market research

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1998)-.

Quality assurance in education

Emerald : v.2:no.1(1994)-.

Records management journal

Emerald : v.8:no.1(1998)-.

Reference Reviews

Emerald : v.11:no.1(1997)-.

Reference Services Review

Emerald : v.25:no.1(1997)-.

Review of Accounting and Finance

Emerald : v.5:no.1(2006)-.

Strategic direction

Emerald : v.18:no.1(2002)-.

Strategy and leadership (formerly Planning review)

Emerald : v.24:no.1(1996)-.

Structural Survey

Emerald : v.12:no.1(1994)-.

Supply chain management

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1996)-.

Team performance management

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1995)-.

On the horizon

Emerald : v.8:no.1(2000)-.

TQM journal (formerly TQM magazine)

Emerald : v.20:no.1(2008)-.

The TQM magazine (continued as TQM journal)

Emerald : v.6:no.1(1994)-v.19:no.6(2007).

Training for quality (merged into The TQM magazine)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1993)-v.5:no.4(1997).

Training strategies for tomorrow (continued as Development and learning in organizations: an international journal)

Emerald : v.16:no.1(2002)-v.16:no.6(2002).

VINE: Journal of Information and Knowledge Systems

Emerald : v.1(2016)-.


Emerald : v.31:no.1(2001)-.

Women in management review (continued as Gender in management: an international journal)

Emerald : v.9:no.1(1994)-v.22:no.8(2007).

Work study (continued as International journal of productivity and performance management)

Emerald : v.43:no.1(1994)-v.52:no.7(2003).

World class design to manufacture (merged into Integrated manufacturing systems)

Emerald : v.1:no.1(1994)-v.2:no.6(1995).